18 Inches

I have heard this sense I was a young girl… that we could miss heaven by 18 inches. That statement means that we could miss heaven because we hold all of Gods knowledge in our mind, never transferring it to our hearts. This is a really hard thought process to comprehend. If you have never accomplished this before then this will be interesting and possibly hold merit for you. I have heard that saying most of my life and only recently discovered the meaning to it. It was a burden lifted once the Father showed me how to do it. So now, I will do my best to convey how to do this wonderful thing to you.

Everything that holds weight or meaning to us we hold dear in our hearts. Anything we read and repeat verbally is held dear in our minds. All of the things we do is either a mindset or a heart condition. Our job is to transfer what is a mindset into a heart condition. In doing this we must decide that it is important beyond reason. So important that we are willing to pass our pride and honor to do it.

One of my biggest mind sets that I had to change into a heart condition was how I felt about my brother. I had a lot of pent up envy and jealousy within me. I felt that my father cared about him more due to spending all of his time with him, especially as we all got older. But none of this mattered, it was not my brothers fault that I felt this way. He was not the cause of how I personally felt; I came to that decision or realization. I have (for the past year or so) spent all of my time and energy trying to make it better with my own actions and works. “I” tried to make it better, it was all “I”, “I”, “I”. Well, that was my first issue. “I” could not make it better…”I” had to give it up. I had to give it to the Father. Not only did I have to give it up but I had to make a decision… a heart felt decision to do what my Father has asked.

“Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;” Romans 12:9-10

This is what you will have to do.

  • Pray, you have to be in continual prayer ready and willing to do what the Father will ask you. This may be hard, I have faith in you to carry out this task.
  • Pick one thing that you struggle with and pray hard, diligently pray for the Father to teach you how to take things from a mind set and change it into a heart condition. Pray that he takes the burdens from you and shows you what you need to do in the bible to make it right. Whether it be apologizing or something else.
  • Be willing to make the change. Many people say ” Oh yeah, I will do anything for you Lord.” Their hearts are not in their statements and prayers; they will answer for their crimes in heaven. Do what you have to do, this is a battle for our souls. Make it known to your Father your stance for his kingdom!
  • Accept the answer to your question. Many of us turn into Gideon where he was flipping the fleece trying to get a different answer. On one hand you will do what God says, on the other you are really hoping that he is not saying what you are hearing. Do not fight the spirit, do it!

I pray that this information made sense to you and is helpful in your journey. If you still have questions you can contact me or pray really hard about it and accept the Fathers answer.

May the Father lead you in the way that you must go, Amen.


*This Girl*

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