What is a family? People who are blood related sitting around a table eating dinner having a pleasant conversation but not one of them are saying what they are actually saying… Siblings who pretend to get along when they around their parents but act like they do not know each other when they are at school… Parents who never talk to each other but act all cute when other people are around…

What is your opinion of a family? Would you say that your blood relations embody your idea of family? Can we talk about them with respect and mean every word we say? Can we hang out at a coffee shop with them for and hour or more and actually say from the bottom of our hearts that we truly enjoyed being with them?

What does society have to say about a family? Around the time before WWII society saw a family as the man working, the wife staying at home keeping house and the children being kind sweet angels wherever they go. Sounds different from todays thought process? That is what I thought as well. Todays time they see a family as both of the parents working because “they have the right” or neither one makes enough to support the whole family on their own. The children act however they please because they grow up thinking everything comes free and is owed to them, living out their day going from school at 6-3 including bus ride and then spending the evening at a day care, with a nanny, or home alone to do whatever they see fit.

Wow, those two thought processes different. Now keep in mind we see both of these lifestyles in those day and time tv shows, books, music, and just about anywhere else.

Family to me is not just blood related, it does not end at my sisters and cut off at my half sisters. Family to me is, people we care about. Will be there for each other no matter what, would die for each other, and would defend each other to the end ext. It is similar to having a friend but with blood mixed in to the story.

Family is the only thing that will be there for me no matter what. Family is a strong tie into the pit of the soul gripping onto something within us that we cannot explain. Family will effect us in ways we may never be able to explain. What they say matters as well as, what they think, how they act towards us, how much they care. Even wordless silent gestures make us turn in wonder as to what is wrong.

Family can be a connection that will never make sense. I have two older sisters that I may never see. I will never call them half sisters and I will always think of them highly and with respect.

Family can be people who are not blood related. Like adoptions, foster kids that have become attached to you and you to them. Random people who you call Auntie or Big Sis.

Family is a broad and important term to those who care about it. Hold on to your loved ones, life is short and many are not with us as long as we prefer. Make that plane flight to see them, take that many hour long drive to be with them, make that phone call that you know will last hours because you have not talked in forever. It is worth the risk and every second that you do not get back.

I hope you read this and leave understanding the value of these people we call family. They may be a pain, but they are worth it in the end. If they were not, then God would never have made them or us.

I pray you all have a blessed night, Amen.

*This Girl*

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  1. I can honestly say I have a family on here. My blog is a little over a year old but I have met people who seem very stern on calling me their brother.

    My take on it is we have a blood family, and for those who are in Christ, we have a blood family.


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