Content or Happy

In this post I wish to discuss with you the difference between contentment and happiness. I have had the pleasure and disappointments of experience both and I am curious as to who else here knows the difference.

In my earlier years I always questioned how to get to happiness, and what I would have to sacrifice to be content. Well, question no more…

Happiness – A state in which your heart, mind, body, and soul have all agreed that this is what you want and need in life. A state in which you think about the thing that gives you this sense of joy, belonging, and want; wishing to continue on with life wearing a smile on your face.

Contentment – Accepting your lot in life, believing that you are where you need to be to get where you need to go. But do not necessarily enjoy that reality.

For example, I was content with the position I worked, but am now happy with the position I currently hold at my job. I was content to learn the lessons I needed to learn to be able to move on with what God’s purpose was with my life. I now work a job that I never thought I would experience happiness in, with the greatest coworkers I have ever worked with. This is due to collaboration. I will try to expound on that at a later date though.

I want you to reflect on your life and see where you are. You may be in the contentment stage of life, and that is okay. Sometimes we have to fight the devil hard to get what God has in store for us. Have faith dear one, you are closer than you think. Anything is possible with the help of the Father, Amen.


*This Girl*

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