Being thankful is something we can feel from the bottom of our hearts. It gives us a sense of joy that compels us to do small acts of kindness.

Being thankful this Thanksgiving is not about blessing the food you bought or took hours of your day to make. It is about being thankful for what we have and praising God for all of the small and big blessings he sees fit to give us.

I praise God for my family, the family that is with me today and the family that is not. I am thankful for all of the brothers and sisters in Christ God has given to me. I am thankful for all of my coworkers at all of my jobs. I am thankful for having a job, a house, a vehicle to get around in and a bed to sleep in. I am thankful for the animals and children God has put under my care. I am thankful for the money and the ability to cook the meal that my family will be sharing.

I pray that all day the Father hears prayers from all over the world praising him for his greatness and thanking him for what he has given and done for us.

I pray for all the people who do not get to celebrate today with there families. I pray for all of the EMS personnel, military, truckers, store/retail workers, slope workers etc. I pray for y’alls safe return home. May we be thankful for all we have, not wanting more but being content with what we do have, amen.


*This Girl*

My Side of the Story

I am sitting beside you, do you not feel my presence? I am praying with you, do you not hear my tears hit the floor as I weep beside you? I laugh with you, I speak to you, and yet you think I’m just your conscious. I strive to keep you safe, can you not hear Me telling you that you shouldn’t do the very thing you are laboring so hard to do. I am with you during your car rides, meetings, grocery lines, classes, family discussions, alone time, and even when you are sleeping. I look out for your past, present, and future… do you not see me in it? I created this beautiful place called earth for you.

I have something for you. I hold it in my hand with care, like holding on to a new born babe, it’s the plan that I have for you. With great joy I raced to show you at the beginning stages of your life, so that you can get started right away and miss nothing. But you turn Me away with mutterings that you do not need Me, you can accomplish every thing you ever wanted without me… on your own. So I wait, I wait as a farmer would wait for rain. Some of you come straight forth, claiming your calling and who you are in God. Some of you I have to replant, some need more water, others need more shelter from the storm because they are fragile and need protecting. Some need more soil, or ground covering friends to help them. Some bring forth shade, others fruit, and some beauty. Many will do none of theses things. They shall bring forth thorns and thistles. They shall be a hindrance to there fellows, they will tell them “you can be anything, who needs God!” “He is not there anyway.” “Where is your God now?” “You will never be perfect, why try?” “Who do you think you are?”. They shall try to choke their brethren with their vines, hurt them with their thorns, and steal all their nutrients. They hated Me before you though. Ripped from the earth shall they be, as well as cut down at the root. They will get their just reward, focus on Me.

The point of the matter, or the reason for the story, is do you even want Me? Do you seek Me? I never left you, even though you accuse Me of such a treachery. I am here with you now and always.

Hallelujah, Amen,


What is tolerance? Is it a good thing? What can we accomplish with it? What do we get when we use it? What are we giving to the other person when we use it with them? All of these are valid questions. Here is my thought process on the matter.

Tolerance is the ability to withstand something that one may not necessarily agree with. The capability of enduring continual environmental conditions, without adverse reaction. Basically dealing with things we would rather not with, not a bad conduct, but one that may not be our best. Is it a good thing? Well, just like anything I believe it depends on how we use it. I think tolerating something for a short time knowing it will not last long is okay. To tolerate something continuously for a long time I believe would have a drain on ones soul. For example, you tolerate this person you met randomly at the park knowing your friends will be picking you up in the next five minutes. Hopefully you will never see this person again. “Ugh, such a bore,” you think. This will not have a long term effect on the person you are having a conversation with because they do not know how you act on a normal basis making it where they have nothing to compare your current mood too. On the other hand you could be tolerating this kid that you babysit three days out of the week for seven hours at a time and you cannot stand the kid because they are always coming over to you asking questions. How you act does have a massive impact on the other individual because they see how you act around them and how you are with other people. The child does not understand why you treat them so differently.

We tolerate other things too. Like the weather, backed up traffic, crying infants, coworkers, waiters and family. You should reflect on how you use your tolerance and if it is hurting someone. Our actions speak louder than our words. I had a coworker one time that I to this day, believe that she did not care for me at all. My assumption towards this was how she treated me compared to other people; her words soon confirmed her actions. These are things we need to keep in mind as followers of Jesus. What do the people around us see? Our arrogant self, or the Creator that rests inside of us.

May the Father show us our wrongs and convict us of them so that we may grow in Him, Amen.


*This Girl*


What is a family? People who are blood related sitting around a table eating dinner having a pleasant conversation but not one of them are saying what they are actually saying… Siblings who pretend to get along when they around their parents but act like they do not know each other when they are at school… Parents who never talk to each other but act all cute when other people are around…

What is your opinion of a family? Would you say that your blood relations embody your idea of family? Can we talk about them with respect and mean every word we say? Can we hang out at a coffee shop with them for and hour or more and actually say from the bottom of our hearts that we truly enjoyed being with them?

What does society have to say about a family? Around the time before WWII society saw a family as the man working, the wife staying at home keeping house and the children being kind sweet angels wherever they go. Sounds different from todays thought process? That is what I thought as well. Todays time they see a family as both of the parents working because “they have the right” or neither one makes enough to support the whole family on their own. The children act however they please because they grow up thinking everything comes free and is owed to them, living out their day going from school at 6-3 including bus ride and then spending the evening at a day care, with a nanny, or home alone to do whatever they see fit.

Wow, those two thought processes different. Now keep in mind we see both of these lifestyles in those day and time tv shows, books, music, and just about anywhere else.

Family to me is not just blood related, it does not end at my sisters and cut off at my half sisters. Family to me is, people we care about. Will be there for each other no matter what, would die for each other, and would defend each other to the end ext. It is similar to having a friend but with blood mixed in to the story.

Family is the only thing that will be there for me no matter what. Family is a strong tie into the pit of the soul gripping onto something within us that we cannot explain. Family will effect us in ways we may never be able to explain. What they say matters as well as, what they think, how they act towards us, how much they care. Even wordless silent gestures make us turn in wonder as to what is wrong.

Family can be a connection that will never make sense. I have two older sisters that I may never see. I will never call them half sisters and I will always think of them highly and with respect.

Family can be people who are not blood related. Like adoptions, foster kids that have become attached to you and you to them. Random people who you call Auntie or Big Sis.

Family is a broad and important term to those who care about it. Hold on to your loved ones, life is short and many are not with us as long as we prefer. Make that plane flight to see them, take that many hour long drive to be with them, make that phone call that you know will last hours because you have not talked in forever. It is worth the risk and every second that you do not get back.

I hope you read this and leave understanding the value of these people we call family. They may be a pain, but they are worth it in the end. If they were not, then God would never have made them or us.

I pray you all have a blessed night, Amen.

*This Girl*

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