What is tolerance? Is it a good thing? What can we accomplish with it? What do we get when we use it? What are we giving to the other person when we use it with them? All of these are valid questions. Here is my thought process on the matter.

Tolerance is the ability to withstand something that one may not necessarily agree with. The capability of enduring continual environmental conditions, without adverse reaction. Basically dealing with things we would rather not with, not a bad conduct, but one that may not be our best. Is it a good thing? Well, just like anything I believe it depends on how we use it. I think tolerating something for a short time knowing it will not last long is okay. To tolerate something continuously for a long time I believe would have a drain on ones soul. For example, you tolerate this person you met randomly at the park knowing your friends will be picking you up in the next five minutes. Hopefully you will never see this person again. “Ugh, such a bore,” you think. This will not have a long term effect on the person you are having a conversation with because they do not know how you act on a normal basis making it where they have nothing to compare your current mood too. On the other hand you could be tolerating this kid that you babysit three days out of the week for seven hours at a time and you cannot stand the kid because they are always coming over to you asking questions. How you act does have a massive impact on the other individual because they see how you act around them and how you are with other people. The child does not understand why you treat them so differently.

We tolerate other things too. Like the weather, backed up traffic, crying infants, coworkers, waiters and family. You should reflect on how you use your tolerance and if it is hurting someone. Our actions speak louder than our words. I had a coworker one time that I to this day, believe that she did not care for me at all. My assumption towards this was how she treated me compared to other people; her words soon confirmed her actions. These are things we need to keep in mind as followers of Jesus. What do the people around us see? Our arrogant self, or the Creator that rests inside of us.

May the Father show us our wrongs and convict us of them so that we may grow in Him, Amen.


*This Girl*

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