Listening is a skill that must be practiced often, everyday and at any moment possible. Friendships and relationships thrive off of active listening to each other. I know you might be thinking it, what is the difference between just listening and active listening. Active listening is when you are looking at the person actively tracking their thought process and listening to their reasoning with genuine interest. Just listening could be listening to someone while you are drawing, listening without caring because what they are saying does not pertain to you etc.

How do you feel when someone is listening to you? They listen to the point that they remember weeks later what you said, and start conversations while bringing up what you both had talked about at an earlier date. It is a good feeling no? Realizing that someone cares to the point that they can tell you what you had said. That is one of the best feelings I have ever had. I do not know many people who actively listen, I could probably name off a few that actively listen consistently and then a few people who do it off and on.

Actively listening helps builds relationships. Makes people think that you actually care about them. That you actually hold them in your mind as important. There is a sense of security that comes along with it. A faith that can not be explained when you build a relationship off of honesty, active listening, and faith in the other individual.

Yes, active listening is hard. It takes time and practice to be efficient at it. Just remind yourself when you are having a conversation that what the other person is saying matters, the person matters, and because the person matters so does what they say.

I love meeting a good listener. Talking to them is so refreshing. Your conversations are filled with each other understanding one another, where they are coming from and their thought process. I enjoy conversations that talk about future goals, beliefs, morals, hobbies and likes such as favorite color, animal, music etc.

I hope this helps you in your quest for understanding. Have a wonderfully blessed day!


*This Girl*

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