Waiting For God

So many of us dwell on instant gratification. We push a button and get exactly what we want, we say we want it so we get it even if we do not have the funds. 

Not many of us have patience anymore. We do not have to wait for really anything in this day and age. We have self checkouts, drive throughs, we have credit cards instead of saving accounts, text messages instead of hand written letters. Why go in a store when you can order it online and have it ready to pick up in store? 

Everything is about convenience. People talk about cost but what kind of cost are we talking about? The cost of money, or the cost of the soul? I was told that time is the most expensive thing you can give because you cannot get it back. People treat it like it is so important without putting any importance into it. It doesn’t make any sense to me. 

They will save time in the grocery store by buying it all online and picking it up at the side door but what do you do with the time you saved? Watch a tv show perhaps. 

When we send a text instead of calling or visiting that person, what does it cost us?  Well, it cost you listening to their voice, building a stronger relationship, enjoying their company, seeing them smile or laugh, hearing how they feel instead of trying to interpret how someone feels based off of how they text. 

What is patience? It is having the stamina and fortitude to wait for what you want. It is being dedicated to a decision or an action to the point that you are willing to wait. I will give you an example. 

I quite working at DQ towards the end of the yr 2017 and worked for an assisted living home. (This was right after my first EMT class.) I worked there for 8 months and I remember God telling me my time was up and that it was time to leave. I was able to get a part time job at Michaels right after I left the home. Michaels did not give me enough hrs to pay the bills, so I told God that it was all in his hands. When the school season kicked in I was a substitute for special education assistants while continuing to work for Michaels. About two or three months of doing this one of the schools that I subbed for had a job opening as well as another school wanting me because of a girl that had recently enrolled was handicapped in a wheel chair; which was something I dealt with often at the assisted living home. I could not decide which school to work for. I was torn up over this; I spent 2-3 weeks working with the wheel chair girl just to see if I would like the job before I got hired on. I remember praying and telling God that he had to make the choice. Not too long after, the lady that had me working with the little girl said. “I do not know how to tell you this, but someone within the system applied for the position and they get top priority. So I cannot give you the job. “ I smiled thinking” thank you Father. I said to her, “That is all right; I could not decide which school to work for anyway. God just made up my mind for me. ” I applied for the other school receiving that job rather quickly. 

You see all of this took awhile to take place. What if I did not wait on God to give me a job, but went to find a job somewhere else? What if I did not like Gods decision and went another route? 

God tells us to not worry about anything, not even what we will eat tomorrow. Why do we live in constant concern for the future? Why do we take matters into our own hands? God even told Moses to be still before parting the waters. God has taken care of my every need my whole life because I was patient and waited on him. We should be doing that for everything. 

All of these people in the world rushing to get somewhere off unimportance to do something that holds no value. Is this not even a little disappointing? How can we live with that truth?

Self Examine your life, Do you know that you are where God wants you to be; doing what he wants you to do? I refuse to get in heaven and God look at me shaking his head saying, “This is what you did, and this is what I had planned for you.” I would be distraught. Because I would feel as though I had failed. My heart breaks imagining not doing what he has planned for me. 

The adventure God has planned for each one of us is going to be different. Maybe you will cross paths with someone who has a similar walk and you end up being soul mates. If we are patient and wait for the hand of God to work on our lives, then everything will work out for the better. Even if you do not see it, it will always work for the better. 

I hope y’all have a wonderfully blessed day, Amen. 

*This Girl* 

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