Patience, Faith and Prayer

These two words go hand in hand “Patience and Faith. One must not live without the other. Both are not just merely words though, they are actions and feelings that must be a part of our everyday life to make a change. We have to instill them into our souls just as much as our heart for them to work in full effect.

Many times we have to wait for what God has for us, but if we do not have faith that he will do the right thing in the end or patience as we wait for hime to do what he said he would do, then we will never find peace, rest, and we might miss what he does.

My friends, we live in troubled times right now. Some of us more than others, I want to say I am sorry. I am sorry that we are suffering, but at the same time I am glad for us. For God does his greatest works in our greatest moments of weakness. Have hope brothers and sisters, we will get through this. But only with God helping us, guiding us, giving us peace & understanding; we must pray.

Prayer, it seems to be one of the most dreaded things to do for a christian. Even reading the bible, something we were founded off of seems to be a dread for christians. Brothers and sisters this is the time to get equipped, there is no time for fun and games. Look what is happening to our country! We have been on the fence in our christianity for far too long. Will you make a stand? Will you pray for the people who are burning buildings and killing lives? Will you pray for the police and other EMS personnel to have safety as they work? Will you pray that the government God has appointed will stand up to those who commit treason? Will you pray for the people who have lost their jobs? Will you pray for the kids who don’t know what school next year will look like? Will you pray that this racial fight will end?

People seem quick to say what they do not like and yet they are slow to pray. They are slow to get down on their knees before the only one that can change/fix this. They are slow to pray before the one that has the answer.

But even if you do not care about all of that. I want you to do one thing. I cannot make you, I can only ask that you do this earnestly and come back and testify if this helped you. So many people want to pray, but are unsure how to pray. They read the Lords prayer, and are still confused. That my friends, was me a few short months ago. I want to share what changed so that maybe you can try it. This is for anyone who struggles praying.

I want you to go somewhere no one can bother you, either every night or every morning. Start with once a day. I want you to just “show up”. Get on your knees, close your eyes. Don’t you dare pray with your eyes open, the flesh sees an opportunity to distract you by diverting your thinking to what you see. Close them tightly, try not to think of anything (this will take you a couple of times) Call out to him, whether you call him God, Father, Jehovah that’s fine. Just call out to him. Tell him that you do not know what you are doing, but that you’re here. Ask him to show your soul what to pray for. Pray for peace, pray for his help to pray. Tell him everything, he wants to hear it all. Tell hime your troubles, tell him your hopes and dreams, tell him about your friends. Something! But whatever you do, do not open your eyes and leave until you have a complete peace in your soul to get up and leave. The devil will try to talk you out of prayer saying, “It’s too late,” “You should really go to bed,” “Hanging out with family is more important,” “Why do you have to pray? It’s not like anyone else does,” “This can’t possibly help you,” etc… He knows exactly what to say to get you to leave. Don’t let him win.

I have found so much peace in prayer, I have found love I cannot find anywhere else, in prayer. I have found internal understanding in prayer. I have found abundant patience in prayer. I have found a peace in my heart that cannot be explained in prayer. I have lost most if not all of my anxiety with prayer. This is not a joke! It is freeing. And when I do not do it I feel a missing hole in me that cannot be filled by anything else. Please, heed my words and try. It will be worth every minute.

For those of you who read this, and do not do what I ask of you. I am sorry, I am sorry that I could not explain it in a way that would cause conviction to at least try. For you will never know what you have missed, you will never understand the peace and love I now have. The freedom I feel is liberating.

For those of you who read and try this. Please, share this with others. More need to understand the power of prayer that I speak of.

For those of you who know what I speak of and do it, keep going, and if you ever stop praying, start again. God will always forgive you and let you try again. I have missed days before and have come back repenting in tears for my soul was torn over it and he forgave me every time. If you let your spirit given by God guide you in your everyday path, one day you will never forget prayer and if you do you will feel your soul tear until you do it.

I love every single one of you. I hope this was of some help and that God gives you the conviction and drive to do what is necessary for the kingdom of God. Hallelujah, Amen.


*This Girl*

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