All Lives Matter!

Isn’t it interesting how Satan is the author of confusion? I used to wonder how that was, but the answer is very clear to me know. It is easy to rule in chaos as long as you act like you have the answers. I want to discuss one of the newer works of confusion that has been cooked up. It all started with Covid-19 and now we are here with this said, “Black Lives Matter” and the rioters.

I wish to discuss with you that (all lives matter). Not just the white, not just the asian, not just the European, not just the aborted babies. All lives matter! This new movement is hurting so many people in more than one way. If black lives mattered you would think they would show love but instead they are destroying things that do not just belong to the white man. I am sorry that it has come to this, I hope it ends before things get worse. What they are doing is disgraceful, even shameful. I would never wish to look at my kids in the future and say I was a part of this, and if I was a part of this I would want to look at them with sadness in my eyes and heart, sorry that I had taken part in this.

This is treason of the highest. Not just to the government, but also to our own fellow humans. I am sorry for those of you who join this group blindly not fully understanding what’s going on here. This is not about racism, that’s just a mask of the real intent.

If this is really about how the blacks are mistreated then let us have this discussion. Because many of you may not actually understand what happened to start black slavery. Oh, I know. I have already lost a lot of you because you’re thinking how you know the whole story. Well if you do then I can not believe that your okay with the blacks constantly bringing up the past because it was not all the white mans fault, and black people were not the only people in history to be enslaved.

Let’s check some facts. The jews where enslaved and killed by the Germans. Ak natives were enslaved or forced to work by the Russians. Many other natives were enslaved and mistreated by people like the Mexicans and Europeans. The list goes on, but here is how the black slavery started.

Now black slavery came about when the colonists started growing cash crops. Crops that they sold to make money so they could buy what they actually needed to live. The supply and demand started to exceed their workforce, so they started looking for other options as far as people to work the fields. They first used what was called indentured servants to do the work. These were people who wanted to come to America but could not afford the boat fee so they paid with some years of service. It is said that not all were released, some were kept as slaves indefinitely. So white men were enslaved around this time period, just not on a big scale like the black people. When there were not enough of these said servants to work the fields the colonists looked for other options. At the time Africa was having her own set of issues. There were many tribes of people living in Africa and they had their own little disputes. But they found out that the colonists would pay them in guns and money for people to work the field. It became a race for the tribes to sell their own country men so that they can take out their enemies (the other tribes). So the white colonists may not have treated these black people well at all, but it was their own country that sold them out. Things got worse for Africa when they shut down the slave trade and made all of the slaves free people. It took a long time to do it but once the slave trade was shut down Africa stopped getting paid and it went under, hence the poverty after all of that, so Africa got what they had coming. On top of this they sold more men slaves then women slaves so once it was all said and done there were not enough men to do the work or to make families.

Don’t you see, we are fighting the wrong enemy. And grant it the white people bought and mistreated you but this happened years ago, and the white men also fought for your freedom. A white man fought to make slave trade illegal. The black people were made free in the time of the civil war. The president was Abraham Lincoln, (a white man). So if this is about race (it’s not) then I would like some form of decent explanation. Because everything they are doing does not help the black people. Honestly they are doing the reverse. They are hurting them.

Please, stand for what you believe in. I will respect you either way. I am not here to start a fight, I am just here to state my opinion on the matter.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day! God bless you, Amen.


*This Girl*

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