COVID-19 = Churches closed

Wow, things seemed to have changed over night friends…It was not that long ago that we all went out on spring break thinking all would be well with the world. I have heard a lot of supposed facts throughout all this. Working multiple jobs I have sat in meeting after meeting. In my personal life we sit in on discussion, after discussion. Go into store after store that has different policies, thoughts, and ways of handling this mess. It is hard to say what I agree with and disagree with sometimes. Sometimes I look at it and I have to chuckle to myself, if I did not laugh a little I do believe that I would just cry. Cry in pain for what I see happening and possibly coming. Some people fight each other, and over what? Toilet paper, hand sanitizer and flour? What has our country turned into?

If this post I found on facebook was remotely true at all China has got toilet paper in their country and they have had the virus longer than all of us! Our churches are closed, My God He is probably looking down on us in shame and disappointment. Our churches can’t even be there for their own congregation! This shows our faith Pastors! Deacons! Church People! That is what our faith means to us. People say, “Oh, but it’s contagious!” If it truly is a virus then there will never be anything to stop it, it will alway have to run its course through the body. Oh Holy Father how ashamed I am and they must be. Sense when did the government have the right to shut our services down. The first amendment tells us the government can’t shut us down! Some of y’all may be thinking “well, This Girl they still have those TV preachers and all” They are only there for the money! They are not there for your soul. If I was to be straight and completely honest it has been years sense I have seen a preacher preach for your soul. Talking about how if your going to talk that walk we should be walking it! A preacher who not only says what he believes but also does it himself! One who is there because God put him there and he is on a mission to send you to Jesus so that He can save your souls.

I was talking to my physical therapist one day, I told him that I am a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. You just have to be open enough to see it. It might not be for you, not everything happens for just us. It may be to meet someone, for someone to see how you walk. It could be that there was a life lesson in it, it could simply be God telling Satan like in Job; see I told you so he/she didn’t forsake me. We have to be humble, wise and patient to get an answer sometimes. Occasionally the answer will not come to you for months; and that is fine too. Live in faith. I’ll give you people an example…

I was working the last couple of days for the school year (last year) and I was told I might be sent to another school. I ignored this information hoping that it would not be me they were sending away. Just to get a letter in June saying how they could not use me at my school any longer and were moving me. They asked me where I wanted to go and sent me a list of options. I was torn, I spent so much time and tears over that small piece of paper telling me where I could go. At some point I was on the phone with the lady who sent me the paper asking for her opinion. Telling her that I prefer middle and high schoolers, wanted to stay with behavioral kids and why etc… There was this school in the list, I had only subbed there once before I had gotten in the district and it was a lockdown facility for those kids who could not handle a normal school environment. My heard was lead to go there. But even if I picked that one I was not guaranteed the job because I had to pick at least 10 options for the district to pick from. Eventually ( at the last possible moment) I sent in the paper work with that lockdown school as my first option. Everyone was telling me not to go even my old teacher at the school I was let go from. I prayed and prayed scared stiff as to what would happen to me, in faith that God would do what he wanted with it and that I was no longer in control. I got a call several weeks before the next school year started. It was the same lady who was helping me pick where to go, I got the job at the lockdown facility. She said if I was being truly honest and that my heart was in it, no matter what, I would be happy there. Anyone I mentioned that school to would have a look of horror suddenly appear on their face. I often wondered why I was not one of those people. God has taken care of me from then on, I am happier there than I was at the old school. I truly love all of my staff and people over me. The children are challenged but truly wonderful and often misunderstood. And I still believe this after being yelled at by them, cursed at, called names, even watched a coworker get hit and a fire alarm pulled in the middle of winter. If we would all live in faith and love in Christ, we could all be as happy as I am in spirit, no matter the circumstances. I truly hope this information is helpful to you all and gives you a glimmer of hope. These are trying times especially socially and psychologically. May God keep our minds and hearts as we journey forward together.

God has carried my state through the largest earthquake we have seen in years this past school year, statewide fires this past summer, a flood up north during spring break and now this. I serve a mighty God and he will carry us through, but you must live in faith. Not just the understanding of faith be the action of faith as well, Amen.

If you want to see what God has to say on Faith read Hebrews…

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen… Hebrews 11:1


*This Girl*

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