The Clay

Our lives with God have off and on been equated to a potter and his clay. I use to wonder and struggle about this analogy. I knew what I was told it meant, but at the same time, “What did it mean to me?” What a thought provoking question… you see I truly believe I have only recently made some sort of connection that could at all render me an answer, so I would like to share my thoughts on this subject with you. If you do not mind that is.

I have recently been struggling with some things. Some work related, some home related, others are related to me and my walk with the Father. I have inadvertently realized how wrong we are as humans. You know how you know something in your head, but you do not know it in your heart (the true meaning that is). Yeah, that is how I felt when I realized the answer. This is something I will endeavor to explain but truly, God will have to revel it to you on your own time.

You see, I work with people who have been abused or abandoned in some shape form or fashion. As a matter of fact I have worked with these people for going on two years. The people I work with are people who either did not fit in the normal program of things or felt a connection to the people we care for in some shape, form or fashion. I have been trained to handle almost any given situation, but you cannot train the soul and spirit for the reality that hits you eventually.

Some of the things I realized is that we address people with such malice, wether intended or not we do. We decide we are right and they need to hear what we have to say or that whatever they are doing is not up to our standards and they must be dealt with. We even have the cold shoulder people who think that either what they have to say is too much for someone or that the person they should address is not worth their time. How shameful we are to be so rude to one another.

I have realized that my relationship with people or lack thereof, 9 times out of 10 is my fault. Most of the time I do not even mean what people perceive and assume. I have been told I am too hard on people, too black and white as others have put it. But it is time to call the kettle what it is “Black”. It is time to point to the real problem “Us”

God has been putting me through these very painful lessons and I will share some of them with you today.

  • Respect of persons
  • When to say no
  • Gluttony of something other than food
  • It is okay to be alone
  • Do not do it for them

These are only a few examples and letting God change these things about me is leaving me exhausted and concerned for the future because we are creatures of habit and we do not want to leave what we know to be our “Routine” or our “way of living”. It is like a turtle leaving its shell its scary at first, probably even scary until we get into the swing of things.

In respect of persons he is showing me how it is not my job to show someone how they should be. It is not my job to decide who, why, where, what, etc. I am only here to love, speak life and if at all given the chance, lead someone to the Father.

When to say no… when do we decide enough is enough, or rather too much is just that, too much. This one also leads in to the gluttony part of this, where we do not know when to stop. I am working three jobs while helping with my parents and doing church three times a week, the only day I have nothing to do is Sunday, and I do not even see that sometimes. That is a form of gluttony, too much of anything is not good for you.

It is okay to be alone… You do not need to satisfy your emotional needs by the comments and time with others. Learn how to enjoy your own thought process and company. Fine yourself in God and not in others. Because honey, if we do not love who we are, how do we expect others to love us for who we are?

Do not do anything for the fleshly human beings around you. Do not go to that school because they said so, do not wear that color because they said so, the list goes on. Do it because God said so! Do everything because the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost said to and you will never, ever, go wrong. Paul says I went right and He told me to go left, I went left and He told me to go right. We will make mistakes, own them and then change em.

Do not be afraid of change, the Father has a plan for you and me. Embrace it, love it, live it. Because if you decide you are on this earth to glorify the Father then you will do just that. I pray that whatever God is working in you, you take it whole heartily and run with it. When you cannot run walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but for goodness sake don’t you dare stop moving towards the Father. Do not do what Peter did and look away from Jesus because you will drown. You will drown so fast you won’t know what happened.

I pray that you all gain understanding and not be ignorant, amen. May you all have a blessed evening.


*This Girl*

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