Multiple Things

For those of you who do not know, I am a triplet. I am a naturally conceived fraternal triplet. My sisters and I are best friends and even now that we are older we hang out all the time.

Here are some questions I get frequently asked and the answers to them…

  1. Can y’all feel each other’s pain? – No, although if one starts crying normally the other two follow suite and do not know why.
  2. Are y’all all the same? – No, we are nothing alike. The only thing we all agree on is that vintage/mid-evil stuff are cool. Other than that one of us is an artist with a hippie kind of style, the middle one is a tech who can and will wear any style of clothes she wants no matter how it looks on her, I am very natural outdoor kind of girl who is in the medic/music field of things.
  3. Do we have any health issues? – No, we are completely healthy and have only seen a doctor for my sisters extremely mild asthma when I was very young. Other than that we do not even have a family doctor.
  4. Was it hard for your parents having three of you at the same time? – No, My mother says that my one brother is more work than all three of us put together.
  5. What was it like having 2 other people just like you? – Okay, so we have already established that we are not alike, it is great! For many specific reasons.
    1. My mother made us figure out our problems when we were kids. Like little disputes and when my older one and I would fight all the time.
    2. I have permanent friends. I am rarely alone
    3. I can never forget my sisters birthday.
  6. What are some things that are hard when being a triplet? – The answers are going to seem petty to some people but they are valid to me; Sharing a B-day was hard because no one ever wanted my themed decor, and carrot cake was not everyones favorite. Because I have never been alone (even having my own room) doing things by myself is hard. I do not even like sleeping in a room by myself. The other person does not need to be in the same bed, they just need to be in the room. It is a safety thing. If there is no one else in there I tend to wake up several times in a night. I have only recently come to terms with doing things on my own ( I am normally with my dogs.) I know that’s totally cheating lol.
  7. Do you girls get along? – We are each others best friends.
  8. Are any of you married? – No, none of us have decided to walk that path in life yet. Angelia had a possible guy for a while but things just did not work out. Jessi has had many men attempt to be her man and it has just not worked out. I have never had an applicant that I took seriously. I am on a war path and it would take a strong man of God to walk beside me and be my friend for the rest of my life.
Senor Photo.
Left to right. Angelia (2nd born) Ashlynn (3rd Born) Jessi (1st born) Yes my older sister is not looking !)

About each one of us…

Jessi – She is the oldest. She has a sharp tongue and a fiery spirit. She cuts her own path in the world. She is an incredibly talented artist. She can do charcoal, ink, acrylic, Copic marker, colored pencil, graphite, and the list just goes on. She likes to garden and swim. She loves sayings from random people and old classic things like her 1993 Ford F150. She also likes old time music.

Angelia – She is the middle child. A lot of people try to tell me the middle child is the troubled child. She is not. She is my little dare devil, hollow leg, tech. She likes to do things like snow board behind a snow machine. She loves food (nickname hollow leg) . She does videography and photography. She loves kids which is why she babysits and works for the school district as a sub for mostly elementary. Her clothes style alone tells you about her very upbeat, sweet, and loving personality. She will wear anything from cheetah print to neon yellow. She is my peacemaker when my older sister and I have a occasional dispute about something silly.

Ashlynn – I am the enthusiastic little sister. Every time I tell my family “I was thinking” or “I have and idea”. I can clear a room because they are terrified to know what it is. For some strange reason we tend to actually do most of my ideas.

I have many life goals. A couple them are to one day fly a plane and foster/adopt kids. My biggest goal in life is to do whatever my Father has planned for me. I never want to miss what I was put on this planet to do. I have lived a life with many adventures and various random changes. (like moving to AK) My favorite things in life are camping, fishing, four wheeling, hiking, and playing with my dogs.

Well, now that you have meet all three of us. I will have to tell you all funny stories occasionally. Please like and subscribe to my blog. I do have a facebook page.

That is it for now,

This Girl

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