I can’t grow up

A lot of us wished to never grow up. There are also a lot of people who wanted to grow up and now wish they could go back.

I have always had the luxury of being me. I have also been allowed to be a child for as long as possible. I had a great childhood. We played Cowboys and Indians with my cousins, climbed trees, played in the mud, parents helped us with anything. I did not have a care in the world.

I am 21 now. I had to grow up somewhere in there right? No! I did not have to grow up. I accepted responsibility like I should. I help my parents, do stuff for them because I love and respect them like God asked of us. I accepted the confidence God gave me to do what I have to do. God gave me a job so I could pay my bills and do what I need to do.

I still play in the mud, climb trees, take silly face photo’s. I still hang out with my parents and 13 yr old lil bro. I still dance in the kitchen when we make dinner. I still smile.

People take adulting and turn it in to this horrible thing. Like a nightmare at night to scare our kids. We should be allowed to mature at our own pace. I am still learning to this day.

I look very young. Some of it is my genes, the rest is probably because I have never worn makeup. Because of this I have had people not take me seriously. This made me question my capability. God gave me confidence. I use to say I never wanted to get older than 12. Guess how old people think I am when they meet me for the first time. If you guessed 12 you are right. I get accused of being a middle schooler. Guess I got what I asked for.

Please do not grow up. Learn to love, respect, and believe in yourself. We are children of the most high God. I should never have questioned my capability. Do not make the same mistake.

And parents, children mature and grow all at different rates. Do not give up. We all still need y’all.

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This Girl

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