It’s all lies…

I was sitting around one day. Thinking about this world and what I see on a normal day. Then I thought about the average girl.

This is what the current world has defined a girl. Well kept/styled hair, makeup, cute outfits, maybe a pair of heels, a little purse. For over exaggerations sake they could have a lil chihuahua in that purse.

It’s pathetic. But forget how the world sees us. Just for a moment. I want to talk about, how we see ourselves. For some of us this is hard. But I want you to think and be honest with yourselves.

We wake up in the morning. Some of us get dressed right away, the rest of ya head straight for the coffee or the bathroom. Whichever call is the loudest at the moment. But almost all of us will agree to one thing. At some point we go to do what my grandmother calls, “putting my face on.” Now whether you do makeup to hide the wrinkles, the scars, to look older, or to look what we define as more pretty. It doesn’t matter what your hiding. But why we do it.

Why do we do makeup? Vanity…I don’t know just a guess. To hide what God has created? At what point in our lives did we look at ourselves and go “God made a mistake, I will make it better!” That is what our actions say as we put it on. God said he created us in his image. So why change it?

Let’s change the perspective for a moment. When we have makeup on, we look totally different. Than when we did without it on. You have created two different persons? No, rather you are lying to yourself and to the world about your true self and natural God given beauty. Why hide such a glorious thing?

If you wear it to look older listen to this. I work for the school district. I follow the kids that misbehave consistently in school and make sure that they do not impede on someone else’s learning. I was with my 6th grader having a bad hair day. So while he was doing his work I proceeded to attempt to fix this said bad hair day. The substitute came over to me. Nice looking lady with long brunette hair. (I have incredibly long blonde hair). She said to me “I completely understand this problem, ( as she gestured towards my hair) but I really think we should get started on the assignment at hand (as she tapped the computer). Now mind you. I am a 21 yr old woman. I have never worn makeup in my life. She just insinuated that I was a 6th grade girl. 6th graders are around the age of 12. This is a regular occurrence for me. I had an adult in the gym loudly say “am I the only adult in here!” As I stood next to the door. There is nothing wrong with looking half your age. What does it matter if the boys do not notice you? Maybe your better off ruling your own world. What does it matter if people do not take you seriously? They are missing out on what God has planned for them. You should walk the path the Father has created for you with confidence in stride. The rest will fall in place.

Women of God when did we come to a place where we all agreed it was okay to paint ourselves the way jezebel did? Do we not see what God did to her? Rise women of virtue. Women of God. Stand strong by the Father and praise him for the work of his hands. Thank him for everything. For he is the one who has had mercy on us for this long. May he continue to watch over us and keep us safe. Hallelujah, Amen.

This Girl

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