Ak Summers

Currently in 2019 we are experiencing  temperatures in the 80’s. This is very unheard of. Most summers we do not see temperatures over 70 degrees. Due to how cold our winters are we start wearing T shirts around 50 degrees sometimes sooner depending on the person. 

Once the snow melts you do not even remember what winter was like. Our plants grow so fast and so tall that we have to cut our grass almost once a week. We have rhubarb plants and wild roses. We also have Lilac trees that smell so beautiful when in bloom.

We have Birch trees, Spruce, and Cotton Wood are our main three trees that grow up here. Most if not all of our trees root systems go straight out instead of straight down under the dirt. This is mostly due to the permafrost we have up here. 

In the summer after everything thaws you can start doing all of your yard work. Especially if it is any digging. The ground thaws out enough to be soft for you to dig. In the fall closer to winter you might as well give up any thought of any digging work because the ground starts to freeze again.

One of the biggest things in Ak summer is the construction. All of the ice and snow from the winter as well as the stud tires destroy our roads. One of the biggest jokes is that Alaskans drive on what is left of the road. !D Because of this and the permafrost we have to do all of our construction in the winter unless we want to pay the extra money to tarp and keep everything heated in the winter while we work. Which is just way to much money. Some of our construction goes on till way late in the night.

In the summer we have the long lasting daylight. It is not unusual to see people walking there dogs, running or four wheeling at midnight. You will also see moose walking around enjoying the cool evening air. 

Fireworks are not extremely popular during 4th of July due to the daylight. You cannot see the fireworks when they go off. Unless you stay up till way past midnight that is. Although fireworks are extremely popular during the new year because of the extended darkness. We have huge firework shows and everything. (Fireworks are not legal in AK during 4th of July). Sometimes there are exceptions and they let us fire them of until around 1am depending on the heat. Right now we have a firework ban out due to the heat and the fact that we have a massive fire down near Sterling Highway and two smaller fires up in Fairbanks. They are currently evacuating parts of Fairbanks due to the fire.

The bears are active in the summer. You will want to take bear spray or a gun that can shoot the special bullets to kill bear. You can meet them while hunting, fishing, hiking, or just being outside. I had one walking around my neighborhood a year or two ago. I also met one on my way into Alaska on the Alcan highway in Canada. Last night on my way into Kenai I saw a mom and her two cubs on the side of the road. It is unlikely to hear about a bear attack but it is possible and should always be a concern.

Tourists come from all over during the summer. You will see them in places like Homer, Kenai, Talkeetna, and Fairbanks. They go almost all over the our state exploring. In our coastal towns it races the population during the summer and then it drops back down right before winter hits. 

We also have what is called winter birds. Those are people who come up to live in AK during the summer. Right before winter hits they leave the state back down to the south and then come back up again in the summer. We do have quite a few of those people. Then I will have those few and random people who come up in the winter specifically to ski. 

One of the biggest crowd drawing events we have is our Salmon fishing. You can dip net for them and use a fishing pole. I will warn you though they are very strong so be ready to put up a fight. Some of my brave fellow Alaskans do what is called Combat Fishing. You will never see me doing this! You, your buddy and a whole lot of strangers will stand shoulder to shoulder and fish of the bank. Many people come out of that with hooks in there hands or other places from there neighbor casting out his line into the river. 

We also have Moose hunting. I do not know a ton about this aside from the fact that there are very specific times to hunt them and a ton of regulations behind it. If you do go hunting have a guide take you or read up on the regulations the day before because they can and do change without a notice. While you are hunting these majestic beasts keep an eye out for bear. Safety is everything when out in the wild. 

Okay, last thing. Hypothermia is a huge thing up here. Even in the summer. Our water tends to stay pretty cool/cold depending on when it thawed and how hot it is outside. If you are coming from the south the water will be cold to you for a long time. I only just recently got used to the water and I have lived up her for going on my 5th yr.

Well I hope y’all have a great day.

This Girl

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