What Defines Us

What defines us as Christians? This can be a tricky question and depending on what type of christian you are your answer will be different. All religions have a way of identifying each other, it is typically by something they do regularly. Like a Catholic that goes to confessional or how one might have their ladies wearing skirts and never cutting their hair. But what defines us christians who simply follow the bible and do what God asks of them? I became really sad when a friend of mine was afraid that we could not be friends because all of the other Christians in his life practically expect him to be perfect and act all righteous when they are with him, as if they have never sinned in their life. My Heart broke as he told me this. Brothers and sisters God saved all of us and has forgiven everyone for their sins, so why do we look on the people who are not like us with such prejudice, judging every move they make. Jesus told us when we were wrong but he did not bash us when we did not know any better. I do not care if you have been a christian your whole life we have all sinned. The Bible puts lying on the same level as witchcraft meaning that there are no levels of sin to God. So even if your worst sin is lying it is still just as bad as a murderer.

We should accept people as they are like Jesus did. How else will they see God and want him just as much as we do. We cannot be the light if we are to busy dealing with the dark in our thoughts. Actions say more than words ever will. If you meet someone who does not see God as one who has saved us and is always there for us then show him/her love. Gods unending love. Show understanding and care for them. Let them ask questions and then let the holy spirit in you answer them. These people will only see God when you choose not to get in the way. Anyone who is not yet with God has just not accepted the fact He saved them and has forgiven them. But God still sent his Son to die on the cross for them so they are just as much Gods children as they are human and made of the flesh.

Pray that God takes over your daily life, actions, words & thoughts so that people can see him in you. I wish that all would come to see and love God the way I do, it is sad to know that we all will not make it. But strive to let God have his way. I have realized that we cannot do anything without Him. Pretty pathetic right, He died for us and the only thing he gets in return is full control over us so that he can have his way; we can’t even help him. What a wonderful God we serve, I truly feel blessed.

I feel like I am not giving enough. But it will never be enough. We must all humble ourselves and pray that the Father takes us over so that others see him. The more of us that take this on the more of Gods light everyone else will see. You cannot do anything but surrender. What does that mean? Well, Friends, that means that you cannot gain wisdom without him, you cannot understand his way without him, you cannot do the right thing without him, you cannot lead someone to him without him, you cannot preach his word without him, you cannot lead your family the way he wants without you, you cannot be on the path he has for you without him, you will not make it without Him. Fear of how it will turn out and worry that you aren’t doing it right are things the devil will use against you on your journey. Stay in prayer, ask for peace. He will lead the way for you, you just have to let him. Let every day pass with you letting more of yourself go until one day you no longer exist. The flesh is no longer in control and the Spirit of the Lord has complete and full control of your every day life. Never give up, persistence, patience & loyalty, the keys to success.

For those of you who are ready to hear this you will understand what I am saying. For those who do not understand pray that God gives you understanding. They say the squeaky wheel is the one to get the oil, so keep showing up and keep asking God for understanding. I love you all dearly, have a wonderful day.


*This Girl*

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