The Power of prayer

This is your sacred duty, as one chosen by Christ himself we should see it as an honor to make time for him in our daily lives. Prayer is where we come to know the Lord and gain understanding; not necessarily in the things we want but in the things the soul needs to continue its journey to the Father. You hear a lot of excuses going around often about prayer and how the average christian is going to carry out their christianly duties before bed by reciting the Lord’s prayer. How dare we take the moments with our Father so lightly. We even go so far as to lie about it saying to our fellow brothers and sisters “oh, well, I will certainly pray for you”; a disgrace, dishonor, a shame. Does your soul not scream in pain when we deprive it of what it needs?

I understand that for some of you the most famous excuse is “but, I do not know how to pray”. How come then you do not get on your knees and tell the Father that? Or do you think your problem too small for the almighty to take his time to help? A shame, is this where our faith has come to? This goes to show how weak the foundation of our current christians belief system is. I say, for those of you who have been with God long enough to understand the true depth and foundation of God; we should be asking God to give us people to disciple so that not only can they grow in the faith through guidance, but we can also grow in our faith through a different perspective. I work for emergency services where I was once told that an EMT could never survive without a Paramedic; but the same was also true for the Paramedic, they could not survive in the field without the EMT. Because the EMT only has the foundational skills to save a persons life so they keep the Paramedic grounded in their thinking and because the Paramedic has much higher training they can do things the EMT cannot accomplish without further training. As a christian we should be praying for a fellow believer to join us on our pilgrimage to God, like Christian had Hopeful and Faithful in the book Pilgrims Progress.

These are hards times for christians, cry out to God. Tell him what you cannot do and then let him fill the gaps. If you truly have no idea how to pray I will leave you with this and I hope that your prayers with God will change your life the way they have with me. I want you to dedicate a moment in every day for you to spend time alone on your knees with your eyes closed before the Lord. You are on your knees to show submission and your eyes are closed so that you may have no physical distractions. Once you are there I want you to say something like this…

Dear God,

I do not know what I am doing, or what this is supposed to look like. I do not know what to say, but I know the Holy Spirit which you gave me knows what to say. So I ask that you teach me how you want me to pray, and that you lead the Spirit inside of me and get the full glory for everything that happens from here on out.


After that, if you continue to pray and let God lead you will embark on a marvelous journey. But only if you let him lead you on that journey. You cannot have what you want and what he wants in the same life. We cannot serve two masters. Light and darkness cannot occupy the same room. So it is either God or the Devil, Heaven or Hell, light or dark, right or wrong in Gods standards your choice.

I hope that you come to love Him the way my Spirit has lead me to. I will continue to pray that more people see God as an essential part of their life and not just a pass time religion. If you have already embarked on this Journey; please, feel free to share your testimony in the comments box. I love you all brothers and sisters in Christ. Have a wonderful day.


*This Girl*

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