How do we benefit from such a thing as imagination? What creates it? What could possibly drive such a powerful thing as imagination? I wish to convey to you my thoughts and feelings on this subject. This subject has always caused me to be in wonder and constant consideration of how things start and go. Even our dreams and nightmares can be made from strictly imagination. I had a fellow coworker tell me one time that our brains are like fish in the sea. Our brains have to be working constantly just like certain fish cannot stop swimming otherwise they will die. Which is why we dream at night.

For generations we have been told that imagination is useless, a waist of space and that we need to get practical. Even in schools we were all taught to be in assembly lines and to do things in time frames. We are given about four minutes to get to the next class period at school while constantly being asked what we are up to.

What happens when we leave Elementary? We stop drawing, no longer playing pretend. The small happy moments of mild satisfaction now fill our hearts with discontentment because we are constantly told to act in a way that is out of our character or to be something that we are not. We stop thinking outside of the present into the future and up in the clouds. Kids tell me what they want to be, but how it is not possible for them to do it. Saying “it will never be accomplished I might as well give up now than be disappointed later. Even adults say what they had wished they had done in there earlier years and what regrets they carry around today like burdens.

Imagination is what helps us create things. It is the pivotal point in history when our brain makes a connection from the imaginary to the reality. The thought of having light whenever we want could have been the original idea to create a light bulb.

Sometimes we use our imagination in our everyday lives without even knowing it. Like playing a scenario over and over again in our minds thinking about how it could have turned out differently. Deciding if you stay in the traffic lane you are in or if you move to the next one would you progress faster through traffic? What would happen if we ate just one more cookie. What would happen if we could willingly and consciously tap into that resource. Oh! all of the things we could accomplish!

I wish there was a way to encourage people to use their imagination. New things get invented, stories get written. Hopes get built and dreams become more vivid and tangible.

I often think about what it would take to get us back to the wide eyes, broad thought process. I miss the wishful thinking. The constant wondering and hoping for better things. The imagination that makes us think of ways out of bad situations, things that we could do better etc.

Imagination helps me when I think about what it would be like to be the best I could be. Sometimes I imagine myself in the future. This may sound silly, but I created a character that resembles something close to how I see myself in the future. What I want to do, how I want to treat people, how I see my career and future. It is a great thing to imagine these things. Makes you consider other options and routes.

Maybe if we all did that we would be setting up for ourselves a visual goal. A thought out plan full of hope. Maybe if we were willing to see things in a different light or accept things out of the box God would not have such a hard time showing us what he has for us because we are already accepting of the unknown.

I am interested to hear who else uses there imagination on a daily basis and how.


*This Girl*

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