When I think of consistency it reminds me of an attribute we use when we cook or bake something over and over again. It also reminds me about parenting, teaching even learning in our everyday lives.

I hear the word consistency often at my current job. I work for the school district with young people who require a more obvious schedule, structured learning and so forth. One of the teachers asked me when I started working with the children if I could be as consistent as possible. He asked me to be consistent with everything so that the children understood the expectations, reasoning and the why we do what we do.

As I have thought about this more I realized that my kids were not the only ones who needed consistency, I needed it as well. I needed to be consistent on what time I got up in the morning, when I feed the animals. When I did my paperwork. I had to be consistent on giving myself breaks, relax and contemplate on what happened in my day and any possible changes to it I could have made.

How do you utilize consistency in your life? Is it a thought process or a daily routine? Everyone is different in their wants, needs, and daily life. Therefore the consistency plan will be different as well. Consistency does not have to always be present in ones life. We are human after all.

Consistency for me is like making a plan of what I am doing for the week and then making strategies on like when I should go to bed, what I will eat for lunch at work and any of the smaller things that need to be addressed for me to make it through my week. Now I do not always follow through with this, I am human. I struggle with saying no. I tend to take on to much at a time and stress myself out. If you know about your weaknesses you should have a plan for if something goes wrong. My best friend will tell me to go take a nap if I am too stressed out and tired. My best friend and I will sometimes spend time together and talk about things that went on. I often spend time with my dogs when I feel overwhelmed.

Make a plan that works best for you. Do your best to attempt this great thing called consistency. Have faith and courage through the tough times and the good times. Remember it is not only about the destination, but the journey.


*This Girl*

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