A Moment

What is a moment? A series of seconds where space and time collide? Where matters of substance gain weight in meaning? When the objects that matter to us stand out?

What defines a moment? How do we recognize it? Well let me tell you. 

Close your eyes. Now, think of a time in life. Just a short moment that meant the world to you. 

Was it that 15 min conversation with a friend before they had to head to work? Was it a holiday spent with a family member? The last moments before a loved one died? 

How exceptionally short the life we live is. And yet, we put so much importance in it. 

What would happen if we put importance over the things that truly mattered? Do we even know what is important? 

I shake my head in sadness at my generation. Due to the creation and excitement of current devices. Certain things have been taken for granted. 

Like waiting for a friends telephone call by watching the home phone. Waiting for it to ring for what felt like hours. 

Going on dates without something consistently ringing in your pocket. 

Going on a drive enjoying the scenery instead of passing your last record on a matching game.  

What happened to simply living. We cannot even work a simple job without having a device to either work the job or avoid a coworker. What happened to hr long phone calls instead of two hr long texting. 

We are missing out on so many things. People my age and younger have a hard time carrying on a decent conversation most of the time. 

I wish that for the growing years of our children we would divert them away from anything electronic the way my parents did. I hardly ever saw my parents watch tv. My dad only played video games for us to watch while we ate or to play Nintendo games like Monkey Ball and Mario with us. He also made sure that what he did play around us was age appropriate.

We read more books than I ever watched tv. We played pretend more than I ever played video games. I was not allowed to have a personal phone until I truly needed one like (getting a job).

When we were bored we learned things like crochet, sewing, painting. We learned responsibility through caring for animals like ducks, dogs and rabbits. We learned work ethics by volunteering at the library, mission, and shelter. We learned money management and how to save money the moment I started collecting chore payment. I did not get a weekly allowance, I worked for my money. I would clean the house, feed the animals, take the trash out, and work in the garden.

My generation is lacking in most if not all of these skills and more. I pray for them. Some of them have had a ruff life and I have admiration for there tenacity. Others think they are incredibly entitled and that they do not have to work for anything.

We deserve nothing but hell for what we have done. How dare we expect more. God is incredibly gracious for not taking us all right off of the face of the earth. Look at how we treat each other. Better yet look how we treat ourselves. We do not even respect ourselves sometimes. We can see this with how we talk, dress, act, and respond to others.

The bible talks about a fruit bearing tree, and that the one that does not bear fruit will be hewn down. We must be alert at how we represent our Father. As His children we must stand and be examples for our brethren and rebuke them in love.

Pray for the people around you and never assume that you know what is going on in their life. What happens to them will never be an excuse as to how they act. It might be an explanation though.

The Lord be with you all and may you all have a blessed night.


This Girl

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