Let God Guide You

What would life be like if we lived in a place with peace, no conflict, harmony, sustained healthy living styles and people who act & think alike.

Would we learn new perspectives or thought processes? Would we hear about different coping strategies & ideas? Would we have convictions over personal beliefs that were built off of physical experience or someone else’s opinion? Would we work together to solve problems or sit around accepting a life with no toil? Would we be able to help a brother in need, or learn by trial and error? Where would the sophisticated grace that comes with years of life spent and ruff long trials go? Would elegance and patience be a virtue anymore? Would our children understand that good things come from hard work? Would love be cherished or resented? In all of our intelligence we would lose understanding because we gain nothing but words of people who claim they are wise. But how can you be wise if you gain no understanding from the powerful attempt at something well worth it.

My friends, God has made everything the way it is for a reason. God has always allowed us to choose what we want in life, even though he knows the best way. We are the ones who continue to be hard headed, stubborn, foolhardy and an all together large scale calamity wrapped in a snowball effect from our series of wrong choices. And yes, while life would be easier to have someone to blame like Adam or Eve for example. That as well would be a foul decision for would we have done any better. Current day people might say “well, God did not give us enough of a description as to what would happen if we ate of this fruit” or “I would never have chosen what Adame and Eve chose, I am much smarter than that.” Clearly, those of you who thought these things are much more superior in your thought process. Sense you are so much higher intellectually then I should be able to naturally assume that you considered the fact that a God like our Father did not owe us an explanation for anything. He chose to even tell us that we should not have eaten it. But like any foolish child we decided to test the boundaries. Trust me, we found the boundary. Not that that discovery stops us from testing it. If only we had learned from our earlier experiences and just did what God asks us to do. But no, we keep taking matters into our own hands thinking they are safer there and will be dealt with justly. I must say, for all of us who have thought this way before we are sorely wrong and will pay for our decisions in life.

All I ask of you all is that you start to consider the outcome of your choices. Make sure you are in complete acceptance of them before you make your decisions in anything. Ask God to guide you daily, he will do so. Only if you are sincere and truly honest in your wishes. Ask him regularly. It will come slowly but surely. I have faith that, sense we do not live in a world as described above, that you have the capability to learn from your mistakes and let God build on the foundation of your life. I pray that you all have peace and happiness in your future happiness with Christ. Amen

*This Girl*

The post photo was taken by a coworker when visiting a glacier in AK.

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