Books I Recommend

These are a list of books that my family and I either have studied, continued to study or read as daily devotionals. I highly suggest reading these and I will put links in this page so that you can locate them easily.

My Utmost for His Highest,” This is a daily devotional that we read. The insight that Oswald Chambers was given to past and present day circumstances is amazing.

He has answered many questions that I have long had standing. He was a preacher who followed God with all of his being. Most if not all of his books are wonderful.

Oswald Chambers lived from 1874-1917. He was married to a wonderful women who gave birth to their daughter. He had hardly any money and taught at a bible college for many years as well as doing mission work in Egypt. His wife put in print all of his teachings.

This book is a collection of his teachings at the college put together in the form of a devotional. You will not regret ready this book as it has been a huge perspective changer for me and my family.

Maidens of Virtue” This is a book that my mom studied with my sisters and I when I was young. We did a scrapbook page for each chapter. This is a really good book for young women.

In the book it talks about virtues of Godly women. Building character, the right man for you may not be the right man for another women, praying for each other, not being materialistic, reasons to avoid things like romance novels.

These topics are good discussions for any age but they are excellent for mothers to do with their daughters. The lessons are timeless and will be helpful for many years to come.

I highly recommend that women do this study together. You can keep color coded journals, scrapbooks, do crafts for each chapter. Whatever you need to do to make the study fun for everyone!

Morning By Morning” This is written by Charles Spurgeon, a wonderful preacher. He lived from 1834-1892. Some of you may think because he is an old preacher that his words may not hold any weight but he is a very powerful preacher. He preached with such sincerity. I absolutely enjoy all of the preachings of his that I have listened to.

We read this as part of our daily devotional routine. One of the reasons my family likes him so much is because he used the King James Bible for all of his sermons as far as I know. That is the only bible my family reads as many of the others have been changed in the name of “better understanding” and “easier to read”

Strength for Service to God and Country” This is a daily devotional book that was originally written for people in service. Well written with good perspectives this one has been very helpful to my family.

This book also has many wonderful perspectives. At some point it talked about the thought that if we had spent more time raising good men we wouldn’t have all the problems in the world that we have. That daily devotion I believe was call “Good men on mules or bad men in planes.” I could be wrong but that is the what I remember it being called.

I will add more books later, let us just start with this as I do not want to overwhelm anyone.

take care brothers and sistersin Christ.


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