Forgiveness, oh, such a thing we do not deserve. Nor do we give it freely, and yet, we receive it openly, shamelessly, as if we are without fault ourselves. My Father has shown me two things about forgiveness that I never thought of. I never even considered these thoughts until He showed them to me. May this new perspective bless you the way it has blessed my household, Amen.

1. in forgiving others and ourselves we tend to do so frivolously. Tossing it about like grain to chickens, no emotion, no sincerity. Deciding in our minds that, “This makes me right” “I no longer can have fault in this persons eyes.” Our Father says to do things in sincerity and truth. Do we think He cannot read our hearts? Can He not see our souls? Our Spirit cries out in the smallest place in our minds, and yet we cannot hear. If you were truly sold out to God you would repent fervently in sincerity and truth least your lies find you at night. Forgiveness is a gift, to be released freely upon ones fellow humans the way Christ forgives us. Forgetting our past transgressions as if they never happened. We should forgive so freely that we do not see sin, but a call to intercede in prayer for our brethren, for they did not transgress against you but agains He who made you. They will receive payment for their deeds in God’s time. Be careful brethren, for how you judge ye shall be judged the same. Forgive and forget as the Father has done for you. Bless your enemies with the blessing of forgiveness even before it is requested, for by the blood that was shed have we been forgiven.

2. forgiveness should be received as the start of a new day no matter the time of day. Forgive yourself and move on. Forgiveness amongst God’s children is the understanding that it will no longer be remembered to be used against you at a later date. If it is, forgive them as they did not forgive you in the Spirit but in the flesh. We are all at a different place in our walks with the Father, therefore some of us may trip up more often and more obviously than others. Forgive them in grace and mercy as it is not you they must answer to in the end.

May we learn by trial and error to forgive in the Spirit the way our Father in Heaven desires us to; My prayers are with you my brothers and sisters on your journey with our Father. May the Lord bless you and keep you in these times of trouble, Amen.


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