Grow Where You are Planted

Do you remember the term, “The grass is greener on the other side?” It’s kind of funny don’t you think? Why would you think the other side was greener, or even better? Maybe because we were taught to think this?

I was driving through some beautiful scenery when my eyes laid upon the road before me, I chuckled to myself. The road laid straight before me and yet, on either side of the road was very different colored grass on the right than what was on the left. On the right was a brighter more vibrant dark green whereas the left was a much lighter almost tan green.

Now logic would say the grass on the right is better. Any person who knows anything about grass knows that the brightest, darkest green typically means healthy. So why would any one want to go to the left?

I like to think of people like plants, every plant needs something different. Some need more sun, some less water, some need more iron in the soil. So in other words we all need something different. The cactus rose needs the more dry, hot environment. An ivy typically prefers partial sun. The bible says, “Grow where you are planted. For all you know the dry tan grass may be your environment. So be at peace in the Lord and grow where you have been planted.

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