Forgiveness, oh, such a thing we do not deserve. Nor do we give it freely, and yet, we receive it openly, shamelessly, as if we are without fault ourselves. My Father has shown me two things about forgiveness that I never thought of. I never even considered these thoughts until He showed them to me. May this new perspective bless you the way it has blessed my household, Amen.

1. in forgiving others and ourselves we tend to do so frivolously. Tossing it about like grain to chickens, no emotion, no sincerity. Deciding in our minds that, “This makes me right” “I no longer can have fault in this persons eyes.” Our Father says to do things in sincerity and truth. Do we think He cannot read our hearts? Can He not see our souls? Our Spirit cries out in the smallest place in our minds, and yet we cannot hear. If you were truly sold out to God you would repent fervently in sincerity and truth least your lies find you at night. Forgiveness is a gift, to be released freely upon ones fellow humans the way Christ forgives us. Forgetting our past transgressions as if they never happened. We should forgive so freely that we do not see sin, but a call to intercede in prayer for our brethren, for they did not transgress against you but agains He who made you. They will receive payment for their deeds in God’s time. Be careful brethren, for how you judge ye shall be judged the same. Forgive and forget as the Father has done for you. Bless your enemies with the blessing of forgiveness even before it is requested, for by the blood that was shed have we been forgiven.

2. forgiveness should be received as the start of a new day no matter the time of day. Forgive yourself and move on. Forgiveness amongst God’s children is the understanding that it will no longer be remembered to be used against you at a later date. If it is, forgive them as they did not forgive you in the Spirit but in the flesh. We are all at a different place in our walks with the Father, therefore some of us may trip up more often and more obviously than others. Forgive them in grace and mercy as it is not you they must answer to in the end.

May we learn by trial and error to forgive in the Spirit the way our Father in Heaven desires us to; My prayers are with you my brothers and sisters on your journey with our Father. May the Lord bless you and keep you in these times of trouble, Amen.


*This Girl*

Fake Christianity

I have been struggling with a few things lately. Quiet a wide variety of things, But I must say though, I think the hardest thing that I have been struggling with lately are all of these people who either say they are a christian or say they know/love God. You can tell by their fruits that they don’t really love or even know God.

Wondering which one you are? A christian who truly loves God or one who just says they do. You shouldn’t be questioning yourself, God does not want us to doubt. But if you do wonder which one you are, answer these questions…

What did God do for you today?

He saved you, from what?

He woke you up this morning?

While yes that is a miracle in itself you are not listening to the question. What did God do for YOU today? God woke all of us up today, God saved all of us when his son died on a cross. My Gods testimony is everlasting, he should be such a big part of your life that he did everything for you today, and the day prior and the day after today!

My next question is, how often do you talk to Him?

I do not mean talking to Him while you go about your day, I mean getting down on your knees and talking to the One who created you. Talking to Him should be the highlight of a christians day, we get to speak to our Father, why aren’t we happy about that? If you do not talk to Him, do you read His word? And no, reading it while in church does not count. I do not care if you go to church every time it is open, that is not gonna build your relationship with God, not your one on one relationship. You have to do that. You have to sacrifice your time and your wants to have a relationship with Him.

For those of you who know what God has done for you and yet still won’t close the gap between you and God, shame on you. I see thousands of people almost every day looking for something, that they have no idea what it is that they are looking for. Yet here you are with the answer and you won’t take the leap. Shame, on, you. My heart hurts thinking about the time I wasted not coming to Him, even when I knew the answer. The only thing standing in my way was myself. I was my own worst enemy, and still am.

Brothers and sisters this is an illness in the heart of christians. Just like Paul wrote, “You have forgotten your first Love”. My father once said that a christian who says they are a christian but does nothing in Christ is a poor human trying to get fire insurance from hell! Jesus warns us to not build our houses on sand and yet so many of us do, sometimes we even do it without knowing we are doing it.

If you are not sure where to start ask God. Any question you have, ask God. Plead to God, wrestle with God. He says, “You have not because ye ask not”. Ask of him and he shall give unto thee. He is there for you and always will be. Prayer is our greatest weapon against the enemy, use it! Learn to weild this weapon so that you may become strong against the enemy. Even I am still learning just how great this weapon truly is.

Now there is something you need to understand. No one is perfect, even me. Just like in pilgrims progress, there will be worldly people sent to turn you off your path, just like Worldly Wise Man tried to turn Christian onto a different path; and just like Christian, if you fail, ask for forgiveness, and once you are forgiven, get back up and go at it again. God is merciful and very forgiving. I made a mistake sometime of about a year ago… There was a child who was a client of mine, He said that God would never forgive hime, that he was “too far gone” and “had done to many bad things”. I never had the courage to tell him, (against my admins wishes) that he was never too far gone and that God would understand, and forgive him if he truly wanted it. I regret not saying this to him, I tried but my fear shut my mouth. I still pray that God will send a man better than me. Please, do not fear what men will do unto you, fear what God will do to you. God forgave me for this horrible sin. I still look back on it, sometimes I cry. But I gave that burden to God and now it no longer rests on my shoulders. All it is now is a sad memory and a painful reminder.

Our God is a wonderful God Amen? If he can forgive all of my sins and more, then He is truly worthy to be praised. May the church say amen.


*This Girl*

I’ve Wondered

You know, I have found myself thinking often how I wish people had grown up the way I was allowed too. God has been kind to me and I was raised with kindness, love and family. I was given every opportunity to learn what I wanted and given every chance to believe in what I wanted too. What would happen if we all saw things the way God wanted us to see them? I apologize for not writing for awhile but things have been all over the place lately.

There has been chaos in many ways for us all. Makes us wonder what life would be like if we would actually let God show us how things were meant to be. Funny how we are made in God’s image and yet we still have to choose Him to lead us. God truly does give us free choice. It breaks my heart to see the many people who either think they are too far gone or just refuse to sacrifice. You are never too far gone, God forgave the man that was hung next to him and his sins were said to be great (Luke 23:39-43). God called Paul to him and Paul had been killing his to be fellow christians (Acts 9:1-4). If God will forgive these people, then you my friend are never too far gone.

What I wish the most, is that people would experience the Love of Christ and then carry it with them through out their life. I am not perfect my friends, God has shown me what it looks like when his love moves like a fierce tide over a person in a short period of time. It is a beautiful thing my friend. I hope you can see if one day, I hope that y’all experience it in its full glory.

I find myself trying to battle with things often, should I go right or left, do that or not do it, be friends with that person or not. I am sure I am not the only one here who is experiencing this. It hurts doesn’t it? The pain of the unknown, God told us not to worry and yet here we are together. Looking down futures path and pre-determining how it will go. Leaving prayer and never actually leaving the burden of these troubles behind. Asking him to lead us and then leaving prayer with the same stack of problems we claimed to be leaving at the Alter of our prayers; in reality all we do is kneel down open the backpack up and tell him everything that is in there throw it all back in and take it with us while we exit, as Jesus watches us leaving with his hands held out wishing we would just let if all go.

I ask that you, my friends pray for me. I wish I was as bold face to face as I am in these what feels to be one sided letters. God calls the bold, the fearless, the honest, the determined, and so on. And I know God has me for a reason but like so many of you I feel weak as well. God is merciful and continues to lead me on this journey. I look forward to the day where I have surrendered my wants to the point where my spirit is allowed to be as courageous as it truly is, not worried about offending another person. Faithful to the Father and his teachings; may we all grow together in Jesus Christ. Thank you for being here and may you all have a blessed beginning of the school year. Amen


*This Girl*

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